Market Leading Laser Sensing and Infrared Imaging Products Providing Quality Products for System Integrators and Custom Applications Developing Solutions in SWIR, MWIR, LWIR and Laser Sensing Systems Manufacturing Systems that Merge High-performance Laser and Imaging Technologies

Ultra-compact, highly functional opto-electronic devices and systems

Designed For Performance

Attollo Engineering’s core purpose is developing ultra-compact and highly functional optoelectronic devices and systems. Utilizing extensive expertise in the electro-optical market, knowledge of systems design, packaging and delivering superior solutions has allowed Attollo to provide quality engineering products for system integrators, original engineering manufacturers and custom applications.

Attollo is actively developing solutions and manufacturing with the following technologies in their 34,000 foot facility in Camarillo, California:

  • SWIR/Extended SWIR
  • MWIR
  • LWIR
  • Small precision targeting systems and seeker/spot detector solutions
  • LiDAR Components and Systems – that merge lasers and imaging


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Attollo Engineering