Research and Development Activities

At Attollo Engineering, we are actively working to develop the technologies needed for our next generations of products.  These technologies cover the entire range of sensor elements – from advanced infrared detectors to novel ROICs to cryocoolers.

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Imaging Sensors

  • Two – color: SWIR/MWIR and MWIR/LWIR
  • In-Dewar Optics
  • High speed (> 5 kHz, 512×512)
  • Dual Mode Passive / Active Sensors

Non-Imaging Sensors

  • 2 µm Geiger-mode APD Arrays
  • Directional Laser warning receivers


  • High-Reliability/Space Pulse Tube Cryocoolers
  • Custom Linear Microcoolers
  • Attritable (low-cost) Linear Cryocoolers

Detector Materials

  • High Performance LWIR SLS
  • SiGeSn

Advanced Technology

  • Biologically inspired ROICs
  • Covert wavelength beacons 
Linear Microcooler

Linear Microcooler

APD Array

APD Array

Wafer from Attollo

4″ Detector Wafer

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