The Attollo OMNir Laser Sensing Device is a helmet-mounted aid to mitigate friendly fire incidents.  This system alerts the wearer of a laser event consistent with precision laser locating for a GPS-guided bomb or laser designation for a laser-guided bomb.

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OMNir detects:

  • Eye-safe wavelength laser rangefinders (LRFs) used for precision laser target locating:

  • Single pulse LRFs

  • Low frequency gimbal-mounted LRFs

  • High frequency handheld LRFs

  • Laser Target Markers (LTMs) used for handoff to laser designator systems

  • Laser Target Designators (LTDs) used for guiding laser guided bombs

OMNir rejects false alarms caused by:

  • Handheld rangefinders used for golfing or hunting

  • Handheld and rifle mounted NVG illuminators and pointers

  • Camera and fire alarm strobe lights

  • Handheld short-range military rangefinders not used for precision laser target locating

This product shall not be exported or reexported to Embargoed or Sanctioned Countries and/or parties of concern.