ATTOLLO’s WASP series of rangefinders are designed to measure ranges at a rate of up to 56 points per second with remarkable accuracy and precision in an ultra-tiny 26-gram package. Designed with a host of advanced features (performance over water), the WASP series of rangefinders are well-suited for a number of applications including:

  • Robotics and Drones
  • Scanned LIDAR
  • Sense and Avoid
  • Industrial Automation
  • Height & Distance Measurements
  • Maritime Operations – IP67 options available


The ATTOLLO OMNir Laser Sensing Device is a helmet mounted aid to mitigate friendly fire incidents.  This system alerts the wearer of a laser event consistent with precision laser locating for a GPS-guided bomb or laser designation for a laser-guided bomb.


The ATTOLLO Phoenix features the industry’s smallest SWIR VGA sensor at a 5µm pixel pitch.  This 640×512 resolution camera is built for low SWaP applications and offers a significant opportunity for cost-savings at the system level.  In addition to the small pixel pitch, the Phoenix employs ATTOLLO Engineering’s high-performance InGaAs detector material enabling more pixels on target with a short focal length optic. The Phoenix’s sensor is designed specifically to support broadband imaging along with day /night laser see-spot and range-gated imaging capabilities. This new miniature camera is ideal for small gimbal integration as well as use in handheld and soldier-mounted systems.